About me

I`m a mid-level developer during a way of learning, practicing, and trying to start cooperation with a team of developers, designers who are creating AAA games. Of course, while learning to create games I will try to publish some number of apps into a market.

My favorite software that allows me to create 3D and 2D artwork is 3D Studio Max, Maya, Blender, and Autodesk SketchUp, Photoshop, AfterEffects. My first ever used 3D modeling software was 3D Studio Max  1.0. But my education and professional life went another direction. For many years I was working with computers but from the hardware side, also geodesy education allowed me to work as a surveyor. In 2016 I had to change direction and that was sure I will start again 3D modeling and make my dream come true which was always making games. Currently, I`m looking for an opportunity to join a company that will allow me to share my many years of experience in playing games on many platforms, designing CG, and developing. 


By making games I am trying to make old school games reborn, at the moment I am learning a lot and future releases will be pointed to bring back to life the greatest hits.

Fill Free to download the test and comment it is always good to hear is your work going good or bad, there is nothing better when constructive comments :)

This page is in a very early stage of creation and will be improved with time.

Wish me a bit of good luck and enjoy growing resources!.


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